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  • Capitalists: Capitalism is the best system because it works by the laws of nature. Darwin! Natural selection! Only the strong survive!
  • Kropotkin: Actually, Darwin pointed out that in numberless animal societies, the struggle between separate individuals for the means of existence disappears, that struggle is replaced by co-operation and how that substitution results in the development of intellectual and moral faculties which secure to the species the best conditions for survival.
  • Capitalists: No
  • Darwin: Yes
The Greek word for return is nostos. Algos means suffering. So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return.
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Firefly Headcanon






Zoe and Wash, while deeply forever ridiculously in love, are not drift compatible.

Zoe and Mal are drift compatible.

Kaylee and Wash are drift compatible, and they have the best piloted, sweetest running jaeger ever been seen in the ‘verse - the best piloted, sweetest running jaeger ever to run away from a kaiju.


(also, the sudden thought of River Tam in a jaeger is rutting terrifying)

She hung from the ceiling, a perfect, motionless sculpture of a girl in the process of becoming a fruitbat.  Simon glanced up at her periodically, both checking that she was still present, and reassuring himself that the grind of the machines overhead would keep her from hearing what he had to say.  It wasn’t that he was keeping secrets from her; River knew everything about her condition, sometimes more than he did.  It was that she didn’t like being talked about, and he respected that.

"They weren’t trying to unlock psychic powers or anything like that, no matter what the rumors say," he said, his voice shaking slightly.  Kaylee shifted her weight from foot to foot, disturbed by that tremor in his words.  Simon Tam was the best K-scientist she’d ever worked with.  For him to sound scared…

"Those people, those monsters…" Simon paused to take a deep breath, relaxing a little at the taste of oil on his tongue.  Enough time spent with Kaylee had turned grime into perfume.  "They were trying to set up a neural bridge inside a single mind.  They wanted to do away with the need for drift compatibility, and privatize the Pilots.  Imagine being able to market Jaegers for domestic and commercial use, because you only needed one Pilot, and that Pilot was so doped and dependent that they could never leave you."

"That’s horrific," whispered Kaylee.  "They…they messed up her brain tryin’ to do something as can’t be done?"

"Oh, it can be done," said Simon grimly.  "They succeeded.

"My sister is in constant Drift with herself."




I hate that moment between “I will write fic to amuse a person” and that person responding because WHAT IF I WROTE IT WRONG.

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A young gay dragon being forced to explain to his dad why he’s only kidnapping princes

A young gay prince having to explain to his dad how he keeps managing to get kidnapped by the same dragon, over and over.


so does the dragon shapeshift or are 100,000+ people really okay with a dragon a human doing the do

People want to fuck dragons this isn’t a new phenomenon

#if a donkey can fuck a dragon then why can’t i

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delibutler said: I noticed that, amidst your (admittedly interesting) rant, you failed to answer the person's question.



This question, as asked? If you really want a list of people of color “from history” who were neither enslaved nor anyone’s servant…

John Archer, Mayor of Battersea, South London

Black Artists in Europe c. 1800s

Interactive Map on Black Londoners 1800-1900

Black Sailors in the British Navy during the Battle of Trafalgar (video)

Billy Waters and the Black and South Asian Sailors of the British Navy

Paul Cuffee, Ship Owner, Navigator and Abolitionist

Ira Aldridge, Shakespearean Actor in Victorian London

50,000 Free People of Color and Creole people in Louisiana

List of the Monarchs of Hawai’i (with some European Portraits)

Monarchs of Tonga

Monarchy of Fiji

Prime Ministers of Samoa; Malietoa of Samoa

African History from the Dawn of Time

The Kingdom of Ghana

List of Black/African Saints

Mongol Elements in Western Medieval Art

The History of Tunisia (Carthage)

Black Roman Emperor Septimus Severus

List of 50 especially great Black Kings and Queens


Racism and the Rediscovery of Ancient Nubia (“Kush”, from the Christian Bible)

The Kilwa Sultanate of Tanzania

Most of the Egyptian Royalty of ever

All of the rulers from the History of what is now Nigeria

Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors 三皇五帝
Xia Dynasty 夏
Shang Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty 周
Qin Dynasty 秦
Han Dynasty 漢/汉
Three Kingdoms Period 三國/三国
Jin Dynasty 晉/晋
Sixteen Kingdoms Period 十六國/十六国

 Sovereignties established by Wu Hu

Northern and Southern Dynasties 南北朝
Sui Dynasty 隋
Tang Dynasty 唐
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 五代十

Independent Regimes during Ten Kingdoms

Liao Dynasty 辽
Song Dynasty 宋
Western Xia 西夏
Jin Dynasty 金
Yuan Dynasty 元
Ming Dynasty 明

Shun Dynasty 順
Southern Ming Dynasty 南明

Qing Dynasty 清

Yuan Shikai’s Empire of China 中華帝國/中华帝国


Ancient Egypt:

Hellenic Epoch / Ptolemaic Dynasty

Islamic Egypt:


Nubia / Sudan:



Omani Sultans of Zanzibar







Modern Tunisia









Modern Angola

Central Africa:



South Africa:


Modern Madagascar

Ghanian Princes as Exchange Students in London

Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, A Man of Learning in London

Sir Morien, Black Knight of the Round Table

Queen Charlotte of Great Britain and Ireland

A Middle-Class Black British Woman

John Moore of York and the Black Freedman of the Tudor Era

Black and South Asian Men of the 19th Century British Navy

Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Composer

Roman Deserters at Hadrian’s Wall

George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower, Musical Prodigy

Olaudah Equiano, British Abolitionist and Author, Merchant, and Explorer

From Majesty to Mystery-Change in Meanings of Black Madonnas from the 16th to 19th Centuries

Nigra Sum, sed Formosa: The Black Saints in Catholic Tradition

The Madonna and the Cuckoo: An Exploration in European Symbolic Conceptions

The Cult of the Black Virgin

Further Reading/Bibliography:

Can I stop now? Are we good?

Honestly, I’m caught between crying laughing and the sheer level of information, competence and…can lists have sass? Because even before I got to the comment, the SHEER SIZE of the list possessed like, epic levels of sass, GIANT levels of sass, the dry, ordered, gazing-at-you-calmly-while-breaking-your-desk-with-reference-material-and-endng-by gently-overturning-a-box-of-loose-pages-of-information-over-your-head levels of sass, and wanting to get medievalpoc an ice pack and some anti-inflammatories for the amount of typing this work of art called for.  

And a tiara.  Because medievalpoc RULES.

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate Alison Hendrix

  • She was raised in the suburbs and still lives in the suburbs.
  • She is a woman who wears a cross around her neck.
  • Tatiana says that she was very into dancing ballet while growing up
  • She went to University because her family would have been types to value education
  • She married her university-sweet-heart
  • She adopted one girl and one boy to make up the idealised nuclear family
  • She’s a soccer mom and her kids' skating couch
  • Yet, she doesn’t give a flying fuck that her extended clone family is made up of an unwed-mother and people who hit on various points of the LGBTA+ spectrum

Hollywood should strive to tell diverse stories of LGBT people in films! Check out our Studio Responsibility Index:
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Hollywood should strive to tell diverse stories of LGBT people in films! Check out our Studio Responsibility Index:

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our ends are beginnings

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So I had to write out that little scene of Root and Shaw at the bar on their first date.  It’s not much, but I had to write at least a little of it.

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